Turkey (Çorum)

ehmetçik Anadolu Lisesi

School Çorum

Mehmetçik Anadolu Lisesi was founded in 2001 in Çorum,Turkey. It is located in the city center. It is an urban school which focuses on increasing students’ academic achievement. The school is staffed by 65 teachers and 8 cleaning staff. There are almost 1000 students aged from 14 to 18. Mehmetçik Anadolu Lisesi provides a good learning and teaching environment which helps all the students to achieve their goals for their future and develop a positive attitude towards society. At Mehmetçik Anadolu Lisesi,we value:

  • showing respect for cultural and personal diversities
  • developing responsibility for our own knowledge and achievement.
  • creativity, critical thinking and a lifelong passion for learning.
  • the acts of compassion and generosity of spirit to create a better world in terms of peace in the world and environmental issues.

Mehmetçik Anadolu Lisesi is one of the biggest high school in the region with both its size and population. The school was built on 20000 m². The school building is 8426 m². We also have a girls dormitory for 210 students in the school campus. In the main building, there are three laboratories for biology,chemistry and physics classes in addition to 32 classrooms.These labs and the equipment in them enable the development of the students according to the curriculum. There is a big library in the school.There are over 3000 books in it. The number of books has been rapidly increasing.There are books in Turkish and English available.There is a conference hall for all kind of activities. The seating arrangement is theater style for 150 people. Our School can bring something unique and essential to this project. We are different from all other schools in this project according to size and the local history surrounding us. Many of our families have farms. They have cows, pigs, sheep, and other animals. Many of them are already working with eco-farming so we think that it would be relevant for this project. We have something about healthy lifestyle to tell and share with the other countries in their project. Thanks to what we can bring into this project because of our different history and nature the whole project can reach a greater depth and quality. The area around our school is well equipped. We have green open spaces, forest nearby. Key Persons in the Project:

  • Ay?en Ocaktan, Language teacher and the contact person of the project will be responsible for implementing and carrying out all project work.
  • Biology teachers, School Chef will get attention to the choice of the products distributed daily inside the School: foods and drinks have to be in the meantime healthy and in accordance with the requirements of environmental responsibility.
  • PE teachers experienced in the management of projects will be dealing with physical activities.

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