Romania (Valisoara)

Scoala Gimnaziala Valisoara

Located in a rural region of the Hunedoara county, in Romania, ?coala Gimnazial? V?li?oara is an educational institution which is part of the municipality of V?li?oara. V?li?oara is a small community of people, consisting of around 1300 inhabitants. The school has 70 students, who come from the four/five villages belonging to the mentioned municipality: S?li?tioara, Dealu Mare, V?li?oara and Ormindea. In terms of structure, the school has a kindergarten (10 pre-school children, with ages between 2-6), a primary school (28 students, with ages between 7-10) and a gymnasium (32 students with ages between 11-15). Some of our students come from families with low income and difficult social situations. Our institution offers students all the necessary facilities for a proper education. There is a science lab, a languages classroom, a sports gym and outside stadium, an ICT classroom, a math classroom, a library and a garden of vegetables. In addition to the students, the school has a staff of 12 teachers, a secretary, an accountant and the headmaster. As for our motivation to join the project, our school has implemented an Erasmus+ project on Organic farming. The project was very popular amongst pupils and teachers and there is a growing wish of extending the topic. That is the reason why we believe this project will respond perfectly to the needs and desires of our staff and pupils. In the same time, it will support our efforts to develop pupils′ competences in the field of environmental and life care. The contact person, a primary school teacher, will be the key person in the project. She is an experienced teacher who has worked in Erasmus+ projects before. She will be in charge of coordinating the work done, overseeing the evolution of the project, the dissemination plan or evaluation. The teacher of Biology will take care of the scientific part of the project, of project materials or activities. Her role will be essential as she will be guiding the students in their educational approach. The teachers of Romanian and English language will be responsible for the creation of various dissemination materials, newspaper articles, as well as language training for activities and mobilities. The Technologies and ICT teachers will also be involved in project activities, in creating or designing project materials, etc. In case any of the key persons will leave the team, their place will be taken by the remaining teachers, who are involved in the activities, teachers who are able to pick up the tasks right where they were left off. We consider that our involvement in the other Erasmus+ project on Organic farming is an advantage, as the topic is related to the theme of the project. In the same time, the position of the school in a rural environment, where the nature is still unharmed, will be of great importance in the implementation oft he project.

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