2nd meeting in Zielitz, Germany

After a long period of doing nothing through no fault of our own (not being able to do anything), this meeting was something like the restart of the project. Twice planned, twice rejected - on the third attempt we were finally able to get going again - and everyone was looking forward to it.

Due to the regulations on the pandemic and the different requirements of the host countries, we moved as many activities as possible outside of the school. We didn′t refrain from presenting this place of learning, but we did refrain from participating in the lessons.

For this, the partners got to know Magdeburg as a green city: a specially created "Actionbound" led guests and hosts to green places. We proudly took us to the Hundertwasserhaus, because this architect understood how to combine environment and civilization in a big city.

Another excursion was aimed at the Biosphere Potsdam, which impressively shows the interaction between man and nature in the past and present.

In addition, the participants realized themselves in an “upcycling” workshop led by an NGO. Making wallets out of tetrapacks and building small insect hotels was a lot of fun. Each participant was allowed to take the results of their work home as a souvenir.

Of course, there was also plenty of fun: a photo challenge under the motto "We love nature" and a sporting competition with the topic "Olympics 2.0" were very popular. Both were also prepared by the host′s students.