3rd meeting in Valisoara, Romania

After another break due to Corona, the next project meeting took place in Romania and was themed "Living closely with nature".

After the ice-breaking activities we got to know the school. A small school in a very rural area, which nevertheless works full of energy on projects, for whose students such projects are the only way to "think outside the box".

The results of the previous work were proudly presented to all partners - we were guided through a lovingly designed exhibition, the work results of which were also produced in distance learning. In a workshop, everyone tried to be artistically active: buttons, hair ornaments or creative greeting cards were made from "waste" (such as old bottle caps or paper and fabric remnants - all under the motto "Make new from old".

The excursions took us into the partly almost untouched nature that still exists in Romania and that efforts are being made to preserve. All participants learned about the importance of protecting these habitats and how to organize it effectively. A specialist from the Hunedoara Forest Service opened the eyes to the beauty of the flora and fauna and the natural wonders that exist there. We also learned about the simple means by which you can prepare a very tasty meal - with what the region and the season offer.

On another excursion we went back in time. A visit to a historical village (including a demonstration of the way of life at that time) showed everyone how close to and with nature our ancestors lived. All partners agreed that we should also implement some of the things from that time today - that resources should only be used in the quantities that are needed to survive.