4th meeting in Tomar, Portugal

The meeting in Portugal was of course also subject to pandemic rules, so most of the activities took place outside.

They formed a successful mixture of getting to know nature, experiencing how people live with it and doing sports together...because a healthy mind needs - you know - a healthy body.

The meeting started in Lisbon with a visit to the Ozeaneum to get to know the maritime world.

Numerous excursions were undertaken in Tomar. One of them led through the Mata Nacional dos Sete Montes National Park. The participants learned a lot of interesting things about its importance and the importance of nature conservation.

Equally interesting was visiting a small but very interesting fishing village. The protection of the marine fauna is particularly relevant for the inhabitants, because they earn their livelihood with it.

There were also very creative workshops - T-shirts were designed on the project theme and paper flowers were made for the famous Festa dos Tabuleiros, the harvest festivals.

In terms of sport, we took part in dance workshops and canoeing.

This meeting was also an all-round success!