6th meeting in Engerdale, Norway

The meeting in Norway marked the end of the subsequent project meeting and at the same time an absolute highlight.

All participants were accommodated in a cottage and partly responsible for their own meals. This showed how closely the partners had grown together during the last meeting and what students can achieve. Breakfast was always freshly prepared and exclusively with regional products - in teamwork.

The meeting was characterized by environmentally friendly workshops that were carried out together with the hosts. First, the students made functional objects (such as plant signs) from recycled materials. On the other hand, they learned very clearly how honey production works. There was an excursion to a regional beekeeper, who took the project participants on the journey from blossom to honey and pointed out the importance of insects for the preservation of nature.

Since our partner school is located in the middle of almost untouched nature, the people there are dependent on each other - and on the fact that they also pay attention to what nature has to offer. Everyone could experience this by visiting a wilderness outdoor museum.

Participants also made comparisons of how living in a very rural area and living in a big city met the challenge of being environmentally friendly. Can this work?

This final meeting made it clear to everyone involved how important it is to sensitize people to how they deal with nature. Of course, as partly small schools, we can′t do too much. But with this project a further step has been taken.