Germany (Zielitz)

Ganztagsschule "Werner Seelenbinder"

Our school is located in a rural area of Saxony- Anhalt, Germany. It is an whole- day educational institution in the village Zielitz, not far from the capital oft he county, Magdeburg. There live about 2500 people and the biggest employer of the region, a pot- ash- mine is situated here, too. The school has 266 students who come from 18 villages. These students (aged 11- 16) learn in classes of 16- 28 students of grade 5- 10. Some of them come from families with low income/difficult social structures. Our school offers them the necessary facilities for a proper education. There are different scinece- labs, a language lab, 2 ICT classrooms, gym and stadium, library and a big free- time area. We offer clubs as well- like environment- club, Unesco/ Erasmus+ club, pottery, drama club, sports clubs. The school has a staff of 26 teachers, headmaster, vice head, 2 pedagogical assistents, 2 career councelors, 1 social worker, 2 facility- managers and a secretary. Our motivation to create such a project is that we want to teach students more in their knowledge of protecting Environment, life care and what they can do. We want to improve their competences to take over responsibility for life and nature. For years our environmental club is very active. They have created homes for bats/ owls, help to protect amphibias, built an insect- hotel or grow natural fruits. We work close together with the NABU. In the subject home economics our teachers take care of preparing healthy meals. The school has got the title „healthy school“. The contact teacher (English, German) will be the key person in the project. She is an experienced teacher and ran European projects for about 20 years. Her responsibility is to coordinate the work of the project and the partner- schools as well as the communication between partners, oversee the evolution of project, disemminate all important things, take care of budget and management. The teacher of Biology will take care of the scientific part of the project, of project materials or activities. Her role will be essential as she will be guiding the students in their educational approach. She ist he leader oft he environment- club. She is supported by the teacher of Ethics, who is the leader oft he Unesco- group. Teachers of German and English language will be responsible for creation of disemmination material (also for homepage, newspaper u.s.w.), teachers for technology/ physics/ ICT will also be involved. If the contact person leaves the team of any reason, one of the remaining teachers involved in project, will take over her part. We consider that this Erasmus+ project is an advantage for our school and a chance to increase the interest of students and the community in environment. Although our school is situated in a rural area we are effected by the harm of nature and the importance of „industrial“ food for many families. We hope that working on this topic will change students´attitude to nature, creatures and food.

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